“Hey” by The Pixies (Song of the Week, 1/31/11)

A pair of fetching Israeli girls do one of the only homemade music videos (of someone else’s song) I’ve ever seen that’s not only worth watching but pretty darn incredible.

Adventures in Customer Service: AAA

Overall, my experiences with AAA over the years have been very positive. But things seem to be taking a bad turn. Continue reading

More Malone


Michelle Malone

In a short back n forth with Michelle after I posted my last post, I told her “All blogs need more Malone.”

Realizing I’d spoken (or, typed actually) a great truth, I decided to try to get my own blog up to code.

Watch, revel, then go get some.

Here’s an engaging and funny performance from 2008:

And here she is reunited with her band from back in the day, Drag the River:

And here she performs with the Indigo Girls: Continue reading

Is This A Ride (A Customer Service Nightmare)

Anyone who has ever had to work in a customer service position will be able to identify with this Disney employee.

At the Disney parks, there are Mickey Mouses hidden all over. Can you find the “hidden Mickeys” in this picture?