Malaprop 2: The Reckoning


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Last week, I shared some of my collection of malaprops, little bits of communications gone awry. I’ve been gathering this material for a while and am sharing it in doses so as not to fry too many of your brain cells all at once.

Time for some more.

One note: I had someone call me out on the tone of the first post, and upon reflection I overplayed the whole “idiot” thing. Some of these errors are from idiots, I’m sure, but many of them are not. They’re just mistakes in language perfectly intelligent folks have picked up without realizing. My rhetoric was meant in fun more than it was meant to antagonize or belittle.

Except when it comes to the real idiots. Screw them.

Now on with the show…

This is your queue to jump down and attack his head.

Clothes your eyes and relax.

Even with this inherit differences, the similarities — the computer graphics, the pretty pictures, the money to be made — keep drawing these two art forms together like a moth to the preverbal flame. It hasn’t exactly worked out gangbusters.

Offering intuitive controls, great visuals, and high-flying thrills, H.A.W.X. sores above the rest.

The challenge of the game is inherit in what makes a zombie plague such a terrifying concept—their victims turn into more zombies.

I now have to purchase this game, for the soul purpose of hearing someone in game pronounce his name wrong.

This epidermises half the reasons I don’t read North American comics.

That last one makes me giddy.

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