More Great Gaga

This morning I posted one of my “Good Memories of 2010,” in which I praised the monstrous(ly talented) Lady Gaga.

I shared a couple of lesser-known acoustic performances of hers, since most folks have probably seen her official vids. There were others I was tempted to toss in, but didn’t wish to overload that blog entry.

So here’s the overflow. ;)

First up is another live take on “Pokerface,” different and possibly more wonderful than the one I shared earlier…(and unfortunately, due to embedding restrictions you have to click through each to watch on YouTube, but it’s worth it)… Continue reading

Good Memories of 2010, Day 2: The Freak Bitch

Lady Gaga is a monster.

And I mean that in the very best way.

Early last year, I actually had the impulse to tweet “I have no idea who Lady Gaga is, and I’m glad.” Rarely listening to the radio, and never watching celebrity-fetish TV, I’d absorbed her name only through some collective unconscious osmosis, and I literally had no idea who she was other than the latest outré pop diva. Which made me reflexively dismiss her as just another turd floating in the bowl of MTV/Perez Hilton culture.

But I didn’t make the tweet, because I don’t like commenting on things I don’t actually know about, and because I didn’t want to be unfair to Gaga, whoever she was. I’m quirkily integrous like that.

Having resisted the impulse to blindly besmirch her, I found my curiosity roused. Did she deserve my scorn or not? I sat down with my good friend YouTube to find out.

She most definitely did not.

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