When It Rains, It Pours (Talkin’ Dirty on Facebook) (NSFW)

Oh the things we talk about on Facebook…

Little known fact: “Come On Eileen” is the national anthem of the small Asian nation of Bukkake.


      Lucien Gah! My Monday morning was fine without that image! 

      42 minutes ago ·

      Tim Byrd Now, Lucien, Bukkake suffers from lots of precipitation and sometimes flooding. You should be more compassionate. 

      On the plus side, unlike many poor nations, they have a high protein diet.

      39 minutes ago ·

      Lucien Well, I have heard that Bukkake’s natives are eager to please if a bit sticky when it comes to tourists…. 

      37 minutes ago ·

      Tim Byrd Especially sailors. Seamen from all over the world pour into Bukkake. 

      35 minutes ago ·

      Kate ROFLMAO 

      31 minutes ago ·

      Tim Byrd Just watch what floor you’re rolling on, Kate. Floors in Bukkake may as well be frictionless and it can be hard to get back on your feet. 

      29 minutes ago ·

      Kate ewwwwwwwww :) 

      28 minutes ago ·

      Tim Byrd Their culture can be tough to relate to. Whatever you do, don’t ask to hear the story of their version of Johnny Appleseed. 

      27 minutes ago ·

      Peyton Number one export of Bukkake: umbrellas. 

      9 minutes ago ·
  • Tim Byrd Don’t forget their skin products.
  • 6 minutes ago ·

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