Two-Fisted Flickage (My Latest IMJ Pulp Column)

My latest column at Inveterate Media Junkies is up. It’s part 2 of my look at pulp adventure films.

Two-Fisted Flickage (Pulp On The Big Screen, Part 2)

And if you missed part 1 or earlier columns:

If Adventure Has A Name (Pulp On The Big Screen)

Column 1: I Am Doc Savage

Column 2: I Am Not Doc Savage

2 comments on “Two-Fisted Flickage (My Latest IMJ Pulp Column)

  1. Ken says:

    Enjoyed both the posts on pulp movies. I think you’re way off on Hellboy I and II, I thought the first was much better. You missed Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, possibly the pulpiest movie ever. The Mummy movies should be in there as well as Buckaroo Banzai, and if we’re going to include Hellboy, I say throw in Big Trouble in Little China as well. Maybe we’ll get lucky this year. John Carter looks to be the movie that Conan was not. Just watched the DVD, we made the right choice skipping the theatical release.

    • Tim Byrd says:

      Wow. I actually thought I had covered the Mummy flicks, because the first two are some of the purest high caliber pulp cinema available. I certainly had intended to cover them (and wrote at length about them on the blog here, one of my most popular posts.

      Sky Captain certainly fits and I forgot all about it. But I’m largely unimpressed with it. It looks great, but the characters are tepid and the story weak. The only times the movie ever comes to life are the initial giant robot attack, and when Angelina Jolie is on the screen (not just because of her hotness, but because she actually manages to swashbuckle the character she’s given into something that seems vital and real, unlike the others in the flick).

      Buckaroo Banzai and Big Trouble do fit, though I think the former is forgiven a lot by those who love it. There were quite a few things I could have listed (and was considering a third column on the topic), but I’ve retired from IMJ because of time issues. But I’ll certainly revisit the topic here over time.

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