My Pulp Pit Column at IMJ Returns! Pulp Pit #2: “I Am Not Doc Savage”

After many travails, my second column at Inveterate Media Junkies is now finally online:


One comment on “My Pulp Pit Column at IMJ Returns! Pulp Pit #2: “I Am Not Doc Savage”

  1. philbyday says:

    Having read your column on the IMJ website, I was struck by your 4thrightness in dealing w/ depression. The emotional valleys that I’ve travelled occassionly have made wonder whether or not I was depressed, or just in a momentary funk. If I see a glimmer of hope having read about your ordeal, it would be that despite the fact that depression can anchor one down, u’ve found a way; while perhaps not defeating it, at least u’ve managed 2 cope w/ it. U sir r an inspiration 2 those out there who have life’s weight upon their shoulders..that u can still achieve, if u believe. Yeah, the preceding line is hokey, I know, but I believe it 2 be true.

    Thank u 4 posting this, and I wish u continued succsess w/ all that u wish 2 achieve.


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