On Track 2.0

It’s late and I should be in bed. So what better time to update the couple of people out there who’re interested in what’s been going on with me.

Previously On Under An Outlaw Moon

Tim struggled with deep dark depression. Tim underwent ECT, electroconvulsive therapy, aka electroshock treatments. It was pretty cool, and helped a lot.

Tim started a plan to get his life in order, calling it “On Track.” Among other things, he was writing every day, and exercising regularly, and he posted his progress online so people could see if he was doing what he was supposed to. This went really well for a while. Then, it didn’t.

Depression returned. Inertia set in. Tim floundered…

So, what’s happened since then? Continue reading

Say Yes, and, to Colbert

A cool new acquaintance (Hi, JoJo!) of mine is involved in improv comedy classes locally, and talking with her reminded me of what may be the single best piece of motivational writing I’ve ever read. So I decided to share.

It’s from a commencement speech given last year, I believe, by master jester Stephen Colbert: Continue reading