Doc Wilde

Okay, the work is done and Doc Wilde and The Frogs of Doom is on the verge of its rebirth as a much improved, fully illustrated edition. We even have the bar code.

One of the final delays was that we wanted to include an excerpt and the cover from the second book, Doc Wilde and The Mad Skull, in the back of Frogs, so Gary Chaloner actually had to paint the thing. Seems like that takes time. Who knew?

Anyway, though it will get some tweaking between now and its actual  publication, it is effectively done, ready for your eyes…

UPDATE: Getting this book out took longer than expected, and we opted to go with another cover design. You can see it here.

Doc Wilde and The Mad Skull Cover Art

4 comments on “DOC WILDE AND THE MAD SKULL Cover Reveal!!!

  1. nydiacarioca says:

    Wow, on the PC it looks even more fantastic. It’s like the action is jumping at us from the screen!

  2. Tim Byrd says:

    I’m pretty thrilled with it.

  3. Nate Flory says:

    Zombies, Aaah! :) Looking forward to the re-releases! :D

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