A Return to SKULLDUGGERY (A Free Serialized Novel by Tim Byrd)


The name alone conjures dark images of spilling blood, of blackest magiks, of lawlessness and chaos. Throughout the kingdom children hear stories of this evil city and are told they must never go there — and they wish with all their hearts that one day they will. For children are the custodians of wishes, of dreams; they know in their hearts, in their souls, that only in the darkest of pits can the brightest adventures be found…

A couple of years ago (oddly enough, exactly two years ago, to the day, as I type this, now that I check), I started to post my novel Skullduggery, A Tale of Thievesas a free serialized novel at its own site. Then, life happened, and the project very quickly faltered.

Today, I’m pleased to renew my commitment to making this book available, and there are several new chapters up. I’m going to try to put up at least some new material weekly from now on, which I’ll announce here on my blog (probably on Fridays, click the “Follow” button in the sidebar to the right if you want to make sure to get updates).

Click below to join me on this dark adventure…


3 comments on “A Return to SKULLDUGGERY (A Free Serialized Novel by Tim Byrd)

  1. Kallan says:

    Looking forward to reading it;and thank you for the gift!

  2. Robyn Weldon says:

    Tim, your vernacular artistry is magnificent. Each word draws the imagination profoundly deeper into the chronicle you weave. I look forward to continuing this tale…..

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