Putting Her Best Feet Forward…

In mid-December, I posted “Spontaneous Me” by fiddler Lindsey Stirling as the Song of the Week. Her music is vibrant and Ms. Stirling is elfin and limber and full of energy. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen her perform.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m not getting all of her appeal, however. Ever since I posted that video, every day I get hits on my blog using the search terms “Lindsey Stirling feet” and “Lindsey Stirling barefoot.” I think she’s fetching from head-to-toe, but apparently some folks think she’s particularly fetching from heel-to-toe.

Which is fine. If you like feet, I can see how a fast-on-her-feet hot violinist might appeal to you. We all like what we like. So whether you like Lindsey for her feet, her delightful music and dancing, or her vivacious perkitude, I’m gonna post another video for you. It’s pretty awesome.

So is she.

4 comments on “Putting Her Best Feet Forward…

  1. Kallan says:

    She IS awesome. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  2. It’s hard not to spot the difference between this naturally energetic and vibrant young lady performer and the dead meat on display by the pop music industry. Don’t kill me for speaking my mind.

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