ANNOUNCEMENT: The Third Doc Wilde Adventure Will Be…

In my post about this year’s Doc Wilde relaunch, I told you that Doc Wilde and The Frogs of Doom would be re-released in its deluxe improved edition in June, Doc Wilde and The Mad Skull would follow in August/September, and the third book, to be named later, would follow in November.

I’m ready to give you the third title…

Doc Wilde and The Dance of the Werewolf!!!

 I’d originally planned this to be the second book in the series, and wrote a chunk of it, but it was vetoed by my editor as “too scary.” And, indeed, it is a darker, bloodier tale than the first book (even considering Frogs of Doom’s Lovecraftian horrors), exactly as I intended it to be. I mean, it’s werewolves. It should be scary.

I wondered if I’d ever actually be allowed by Putnam to publish the book without toning down the scares and neutering it.

Well, now I get to write the book I want to write, and you get to read it.

2 comments on “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Third Doc Wilde Adventure Will Be…

  1. Nydia says:

    The joy of being independent is this, being able to please only yourself and your imagination when dealing with the creative process of writing your own stories. I bet these werewolves were scratching your mind, demanding to be set free.

    I can hardly wait to read it when ready!

    • Tim Byrd says:

      Yep. The freedom to write the book you want to write, and let it sink or swim on its own merits, without arbitrary external controls on it is a big benefit of self-publishing.

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