A Bend in Reality…

Just had a funny bit of synchronicity.

While dealing with AAA today, trying to resolve a pretty unimpressive history of customer service, I found I was carrying not only my current membership card but last year’s, which is defunct. So I was just now trying to tear it in half to throw it away, folding it repeatedly in the middle, with random music playing through my computer from my iPod (more than 8,000 songs for it to cycle through).

And a song started up by John Andersen. I hadn’t heard this song probably in three or four years, and it pops up. I recognized it but didn’t remember what it was called, and was distracted by trying to tear the card in half. Bending one way, then the other, then back the other way…

And Andersen sang this:

How much more can this poor heart take?
You bend it until it breaks…

And that cracked me up pretty good. Of course, it has some other significance in my life of late which doesn’t really bear laughter…

Below the jump is a good video of the man himself performing the song…

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