Rudolph Is In Danger!

Keith “Kez” Wilson is a master of the mashup, taking artwork and cover designs from Bantam’s Doc Savage paperbacks 0f the 1960s-80s and combining them with imagery from genre films to incredible effect.

Here’s the haunting tale of Doc’s encounter with an angry amphibious atavist…

(Hmmm…perhaps a cousin of the Frogs of Doom…?)

And here, his dread meeting with a golem fashioned from corpse parts…

The latest is a very special Christmas adventure involving the most famous supernaturally illuminating ruminant of all…

I’d read these books. Kez has a bunch of ’em, all cool. You can check them out at his site.

One comment on “Rudolph Is In Danger!

  1. Deirdre says:

    I wonder if we will ever rescue Santa from the Hallibush…….

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