Last Chance At Limited Edition Doc Wilde Stuff [Updated]

[UPDATE: The shop is now closed. It will probably reopen later with items featuring the actual cover art by Tim Gabor.]

A good while back, I opened a Cafe Press shop of Doc Wilde merchandise. It has largely gone unnoticed and unseen, though a handful of sagacious souls made their way to it and enriched their lives with the purchase of an item or two.

The items on the site showcase the original (unused) cover art by Australian master comic book artist Gary Chaloner:


As I’ve written before, this isn’t the artwork that will be on the actual book. But I have always loved it (I have one of the large posters framed in my living room, and this version of Doc still peeks from the Doc Wilde logo I use on the website) and wanted to let you get a chance at it before I take it offline.

It’s April 1st as I write this. I’ll leave the shop open and Gary’s art available through Wednesday, April 8th.

So this is really limited edition merchandise. It won’t be available again, and I don’t actually expect many sales in the next week, so if you do get any of it, and Doc Wilde becomes popular, the items will probably be quite collectable (especially if you ever get me and/or Gary to sign yours).

If you visit the shop, make sure to read the item descriptions, I had a lot of fun writing them. Here are a couple:

Doc Wilde Logo Preppy Shirt

Doc Wilde Preppy Shirt

Infiltrate a cult of power-mad evil golfers in this comfy shirt sporting the Wilde logo over your courageous heart.

Doc Wilde Trucker Hat

Doc Wilde Trucker Hat

Use small words, spit tobaccy, and wear this ventilated cap sporting the Wilde logo next time you’re hunting a bad guy at a NASCAR event. (Hey, I’m from Georgia, I can say this stuff).

Remember, this is your last chance at this stuff, it comes down Wednesday, April 8th, 2009. The shop can be found here:

Doc Wilde Adventure Gear

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