Chain Lightnin’ (Song of the Week, 3/28/2011)

Huge thunder storm right now, here in lovely Decatur, in the wee hours, and I’m awake not because of my all too frequent insomnia, nor because of the storm itself, but because the weather service decided it was really important that people in the middle of a thunder storm know that they’re in the middle of a thunder storm, even at 3:27 am on a Monday morn.

So my phone, which is also my alarm (standing vigil till it has to awaken me at the now seemingly less ungodly hour of 5 am) starts vibrating loudly (the ringer being muted). And the buzzing drags me out of dreams, and I cannot return.

It’d be nice if I could set the emergency system to call me only if there’s an actual freaking threat, like a tornado, and not when there’s just another thunderstorm. But, alas, no.

Still, sitting here typing in the dark morning with thunder shaking the firmament, the susurration of  rain, and flashes of lightning through the open blinds is pretty damn cool.

I was going to offer up the classic Jackson Browne song “You Love the Thunder,” but it’s apparently not available anywhere online. I could change machines, dig up off my iPod, upload it…but nah. Instead, here’s the second tune that came to mind, .38 Special’s “Chain Lightnin’,” which I always loved back in high school.

Stay dry out there. Unless, you know, havin’ sex.