Citizen Tim

It’s official:

As of 8:50 am today, I have done my voting for the year.

I stood in line in the morning chill for two hours. I was proud to be there, proud that so many of my fellow citizens were ahead of me in line, proud that many, many more were behind me. It was like I was in some third world country, some fledgling democracy, where people actually give a damn.

I guess eight years of Hell can be bracing for the democratic process. It’s a pity that’s what it took.

I voted for Barack Obama to be President of the United States of America.

I voted for Jim Martin to replace the vile Saxby Chamblis as Senator from Georgia.

I voted for John Lewis to remain in Congress to represent my district.

I figure, if folks keep slapping down the Republican efforts to suppress the vote, they won’t steal it this time, as they absolutely did in 2000, and likely did in 2004.

It’s time for the USA to become a force of good in the world again.

The REAL Rapture is Nigh, And I For One Can’t Frakkin Wait

Bummed about the Bush apocalypse the world is enjoying? Well, cheer up. Things are gonna be really shitty for a good long time, probably, because the one thing Bush isn’t incompetent at is screwing up, but there is one very bright light looming in the tunnel, if not at the end of it:

As of today, Sunday, October 12, George W. Bush has only 100 days left in office.