Super Animation From Bruce Timm

How did I miss this? To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Superman, Bruce Timm and Zack Snyder collaborated on a short full of classic Superman action. It’s wonderful (if only some of that wonder had appeared in Snyder’s Man of Steel):

Additionally, Timm has directed a Batman short — the first appearance of his version of the character (from Batman: The Animated Series and related shows) in a decade. Titled Batman Strange Days, it will appear on Cartoon Network on April 9th. I’ll post the link when it becomes available.

Batman Strange Days

Now, if only the brain trust at Cartoon Network would bring back Beware the Batman

3 comments on “Super Animation From Bruce Timm

  1. JohnAdcox says:

    It’s our own fault Beware the Batman wasn’t picked up, and we have only ourselves to blame. We didn’t buy enough toys and, worse, many of us were watching while flagrantly, flagrantly being female. I am not bitter. Not about Young Justice, either. No sir.

  2. nydiacarioca says:

    Hmm… Batman Strange Days, you said?

  3. aileenmiles says:

    There were tiny flashes of wonder in Man of Steel, not enough though. Superman the animated series is best Superman.

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