Action! Horror! Kung Fu! Intrigue! Gunslingers! Fantasy! -14 Books By Noted Writers, Choose Your Price, Support Charities

Choose your price! Support charities!

Choose your price! Support charities!

Allen Varney is a really smart man who has put together a cool system in which he sells “bundles” of books and games to folks at the price they choose to pay (with a small minimum price established for a smaller set of the books offered)), the proceeds going not only to the authors involved but to specified charities. You may have seen other such bundles, and they’re a great idea.  Last summer, I participated in one of his earlier fiction-oriented bundles and it was a great experience. Allen has since honed his system by running many more bundles, and more folks have gotten interested in them, so he is temporarily resurrecting some of the earlier ones to satisfy the requests of those who missed them. The one I was part of is one of them, but will only be available for a very short time (just 48 hours, and the countdown has already begun!).

The charities to benefit from this bundle are fighting for literacy and freedom of expression all over the planet:

PEN International and The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Just think, you can get my own very well-reviewed, fully-illustrated adventure for all ages, Doc Wilde and The Frogs of Doom, along with a bunch of other high quality genre tales for just $4.95 or a bit more (Frogs of Doom is retail price $6.99 all by itself), and you’ll be contributing to the literary well-being of all of human kind.

Wilde Adventure!

Below are the details from the Bundle of Holding site; grab this adventurous deal while you can (as I type this line, the countdown is at 1 DAY, 22 HOURS, 49 MINUTES, 56 SECONDS!)

Adventurer! After months of wandering, the fellowship of Adventurous Scribes returns to bring you once again the Bundle of Holding +3, our June 2013 collection of fourteen novels and story collections by leading tabletop roleplaying game designers. In case you didn’t hear about these imaginative stories last summer, we’ve cast a 9th-level resurrection spell to give you a new chance. For just US$4.95, you get all five books in our core collection in DRM-free Kindle, ePub, and .PDF versions:

  • Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom, a globetrotting pulp adventure featuring Spartacus Wilde by former White Wolf staff writer Tim Byrd.
  • The Knight’s Tale and The Magus’s Tale, the first two books in the fantasy series Oathbreaker by Colin McComb (PlanescapeTorment).
  • A Prayer for Dead Kings, a collection of Endlands fantasy tales by Scott Fitzgerald Gray (Tomb of Horrors).
  • Tales of the Far West, edited by Gareth-Michael Skarka, the first anthology of stories from the new wuxia-Western setting Far West. The book features stories by Scott Lynch, Matt Forbeck, Chuck Wendig, Dave Gross, and more.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $9.95, you’ll level up and receive our entire collection of nine bonus books:

  • The Afterlife series of five novels (HeavenHellEarthWasteland, and War) by John W. Campbell Award nominee Mur Lafferty. This bundle marked the debut of the Afterlife omnibus volume.
  • Dangerous Games 1: How to Play, a Gen Con murder mystery by Matt Forbeck (Brave New World).
  • Delta Green: Strange Authorities, Cthulhoid espionage fiction by Delta Green co-creator John Scott Tynes.
  • New Tales of the Yellow Sign by GUMSHOE and Hillfolk designer Robin D. Laws (foreword by Kenneth Hite), a collection of all-new stories that pay tribute to the classic 1895 proto-Lovecraftian book by Robert W. Chambers, The King in Yellow.
  • Switchflipped, a journey behind reality by Unknown Armies co-designer Greg Stolze.

And remember, even if you already bought this collection back in June, now you can send a Bundle of Holding as a gift. These ebooks are suitable for any tablet, phone, or ereader, and they make great gifts at any time of year.

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