In certain circles, there has been a royal stink the past few days about, of all things, pancakes. I don’t actually know the particulars and feel like my brain cells are better occupied with other things, but as an antidote to that particular venom, and any other you may be suffering from, I offer up this classic Hellboy tale by Mike Mignola. I hope it’s okay to do so, as these two pages are widely available on the net, and I originally read the tale as a free digital comic on the Dark Horse Comics website. If I hear otherwise, I’ll remove it.

4 comments on “PANCAKES

  1. Nydia Macedo says:

    LOL That’s really a good way to close this pancakegate stuff… ;o)

  2. Kris Bradley says:

    Bwahahahahaaha! Love it! The evils of the pancakes! =D (Or is it the *goodness* of the pancakes? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.)

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