Weird Beard (Song of the Week, 6/29/2012)

Because I’m feeling piratical today.

(WARNING: Use of this image in no way constitutes an endorsement of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. You’ve been warned.)

5 comments on “Weird Beard (Song of the Week, 6/29/2012)

  1. Nydia Macedo says:

    Such fun song! Of course, I’ve never listened to Mad Caddies before, yadah, yadah…

  2. Nydia Macedo says:

    I’m such a phony scoundrel…

  3. Nydia Macedo says:

    Yes! Pillage! Assaults! Wooden legs! Er… no, better not this last one.
    Anyway, pass me the rum, me hearties, arrr!

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