And Finally… CATWOMAN!

We finally get a really good look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman flick.

Gotta tell you, I like.

Of course, I always thought Hathaway was an awesome choice, and I tend to trust Nolan’s choices when it comes to these films. Aside from the ridiculous growly voice Batman used last time, the movies have been damn near perfect.

My one quibble with Catwoman when I saw her in earlier pics was the choice to have her in high heels. Not smart footwear for anyone engaging in active athletic activities, much less catburgling.

But looking closely at this image, I see that the heels are visually set off from the rest of the boots, which makes me think that they may well be detachable, allowing her to go flat-footed when functionality is called for. If that’s the case, that’s pretty damn cool. Nolan will have found a way to keep the over-the-top sexy of traditional Catwoman depictions while also embracing her more practical and realistic current incarnation.

I’m really looking forward to seeing her in action. In the meantime, I’ll be in my bunk…

2 comments on “And Finally… CATWOMAN!

  1. Nydia Macedo says:

    The movie is going to be really cool, I hope. I loved Nolan’s choice too, Hathaway is talented, fun and sexy, pefect for the character’s new version. The costume is beautiful, I would so wear it, lol (high hels apart, that’s it). And about those high heels… I still think that, according to my logic, being a catwoman allows her to walk, run, jump and do everything else wearing them. Cats don’t have a problem to balance themselves. Maybe in this case they’re detachable, or it’s only a fashion detail. Gotta wait and see! ;o)

  2. Giancarlo Fusco says:

    I’m really digging the look they went with… the costume, plus Hathaway, really give this Catwoman a cool mix of the modern burglar look with the “ultimate in sexy” look made famlus by Julie Newmar.

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