A Bit of Racism I Just HAD to Share

So, this happened in my Facebook feed this morning.

Sabrina was classy enough to delete the comment, no doubt not wanting her wall polluted with such hateful filth. But I like casting bright light at roaches like these when they scurry out of the shadows.

Meanwhile, when a friend from high school posted a link yesterday to some “satire” about the Democratic National Convention which was low on wit and high on racist commentary, I commented saying exactly that. Now that “friend” has vanished from my friends list and even blocked me entirely. I guess I struck a nerve.

Good riddance.

4 comments on “A Bit of Racism I Just HAD to Share

  1. The comment was horrible and Yes I deleted it as soon as it popped up on my page. Horrible. I have fantastic fans who visit my page – patriotic, caring, smart and funny people. No – I’ll leave nothing hurtful on my page. My only worry is that I can’t get to garbage comments fast enough due to being busy.
    If ANYONE ever sees something terrible on My Page which I do not catch fast enough – feel free to pop me an email – as I always check emails first.

    Good Blog.

  2. Debby Rossouw says:

    How retarded you all are . I want nothing to do with your de facto criminal murdering sos so called “g’ment’ , so don’t pop on my page anymore. Your stupidity is not welcome “witch”

    Debby Rossouw

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