Dear CIA and Fearstream Media…

Dear CIA and Fearstream Media,

I am a wacko and an idiot and I have a lot of weapons training. You should be relieved that I am no longer in a position of influence within the military, but you should probably start watching me very closely anyway because I might snap at any moment and guns and other murderous equipment are very easy to get in our wonderful country.


Crazy Eye Dude

5 comments on “Dear CIA and Fearstream Media…

  1. Wow Tim Byrd, you’re a dick. And you don’t know a fraction of what this Marine understands on this topic.

  2. xorron says:

    i just posted this on my facebook account – as i live in germany im not sure if this is a wise thing to do in the US – i actually watch the whole series of Boston Legal now and in my opinion they only could get away with there constant reminding the public of very serious things by ridiculing them – hope you dont get a visit by some unpleaseant people…

  3. Kim Dyer says:

    If you research thoroughly Skull & Bones fraternity, there is a Youtube series of a daughter of one of these men and she has documentary evidence of their plan to force communism on America. The Masonic sect banking cult Mormon religion is a part of their plans. It is their religion to have a US President and implement a one world government feigning that Jesus will take over the government.

  4. Kim Dyer says:

    My natural Grandfather was the late US Senator John Chafee, a skull and bonesman who died during my divorce from an Illuminati handler… Two months later legislation passed in his name that is tied to offering independence to foster children. His history appears to be tied to Mormon agenda and profiteering and my experience of mind control terror in Romney dominated Michigan in 1994 when I was an employee at David Kimball’s environmental law firm, Kimball & Curry. Books about Rosslyn Chapel Scottland were published about a female Sinclair waking up to a trumpet blast (the Mormon angel on top of their temples)… And there is clearly a reason that Scottland is the new Disney Pixar release theme. I never knew who he was until recently, investigating my father’s untimely death in Tucson, 2010, who made known to me that there was a reason that he never told me who his natural father was.

  5. Richard Lane says:

    There’s NO WAY someone could accumulate $10,000 worth of weaponry? Really?

    Grow the fuck up and look at the data or shut the fuck up.

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