O Aimless Me (ECT)

Aimless Tim

I suspect it has something to do with my brain reacting to yesterday’s lightning strike, but I am utterly useless today.

I’m unfocused. I don’t feel like going anywhere, or watching anything, or reading, or playing a video game. Unfortunately that leaves me spinning pointlessly through the internet on and on and on, not paying much attention. I have far too much day to spend dwelling on things I need to forget.

Well, there’s a reason they don’t let you drive while in ECT treatment. I guess while the brain works to fix things, it’s burning energy that normally would go to other things, like having an attention span or rational thought. I’m managing to write this, but I’m not really focused on it, and the writing’s slow.

I’m still gung-ho, though. This is kinda an adventure.

4 comments on “O Aimless Me (ECT)

  1. decidetodecideetc says:

    What’s the plan? How many treatments are you having over what time period? The not driving thing really bothers me. How could I schedule this? I suppose I could call a cab…but if this is like any other ‘procedure’ I’ve ever had, such as an endoscopy, they don’t let you leave in a cab, someone has to ‘sign for you.’
    Still…there ain’t a whole heck of a lot of options left for me…

    • Tim Byrd says:

      Th usual course is 6-12 sessions; the longer term/deeper the depression, the more you tend to need. It’s three times a week (M-W-F in this case).

  2. Leslie LaPre says:

    I recently had ECT. I stopped after three treatments. Sometimes I wish I had been brave enough to tough it out. I became too frightened of everything.. the IV, waking up to bad headaches.. just EVERYTHING.
    I wish you much success in your treatments. I know how difficult life is when you are severely depressed. I am happy to have found your blog.

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