2 comments on “There’s A Hot Girl In The Comic Shop!

  1. Wendy says:


    Stealing, reposting everywhere….

    One of my favorite moments of the three years I spent working at DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis (http://www.dreamhavenbooks.com/) was a phone call.
    Me: Hello, DreamHaven Books and Comics!

    Me: DreamHaven Books and Comics. Can I help you?

    Voice: I’ve never had a girl answer the phone at a comic book shop before!

  2. ArcLight says:

    One of the few highlights of Heroes last season was Claire trying to get a job in a comic shop. When they asked her comic-related questions which left her clueless she realized what a mistake it was and started to leave when they told her she was hired – because every guy in the place had been looking at her the whole time she was in there.

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