I Hear From Real America

And now “David Allen C.E.O.” will give the Republican response to my earlier political rant:

Your [sic] just another sanctimonius [sic] leftist asshole thats [sic] out there painting Real Americans with a broad brush. Trouble is you [sic] paint has been proved transparent. Forgive me for painting back.

We are out there working hard to keep your type from tossing whats [sic] left of our country off the bridge.

What can I say, really, that I haven’t already in the rant? I certainly can’t argue with his logic.

One comment on “I Hear From Real America

  1. tammy says:

    Don’t you wish you could engage in intelligent conversation with the gentleman? How do you respond to empty insults (and bad grammar). I find that when people have no credible evidence/argument to offer they turn to words like asshole. (Though leftist isn’t an insult if you ask me.)

    It reminds me of my youngest, when she’s told no, and can’t figure out what to say in reply, she holds her breath, stomps her feet and yells “you’re the worst mommy in the world.”

    Mr. CEO is stomping his feet and yelling “but…but…but… you’re an asshole!”

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