Cry Little Sister

Took a risk the other night and watched Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, the sequel to (you guessed it) Lost Boys.

I expected it to be utter crap, like most direct-to-DVD sequels, and it wasn’t, actually. It was fairly good, with an entertaining enough story and a game cast (including Angus Sutherland, younger half-brother of Kiefer, who of course starred in the original). As a B-flick, it worked nicely, except when Corey Feldman, reprising his role as Edgar Frog, was onscreen. Feldman was fun as a goofy teenage vampire hunter, but as a grown-up Corey trying to growl like Clint Eastwood, he’s terrible. Apparently, a Lost Boys 3 is in the works which will focus on Edgar Frog’s epic battles. Something to look forward to, I guess, unless you’re anybody but Corey Feldman.

[I originally referred to Corey as Corey Haim, but apparently I had my Coreys crossed, as Edgar is played by the Feldman Corey. I take some pride in the fact that I wasn’t familiar enough with the two of them to have their names straight.]

Among the highlights (or, well, the main highlights) were two mouth-wateringly hot vampire chicks (one of whom was the protagonist’s sister) and Aiden’s cover of the Gerard McMann song “Cry Little Sister,” offered below:

2 comments on “Cry Little Sister

  1. caericarclight says:

    I didn’t like the movie as much as you, but it takes a lot for me to like vampire movies, anyway. Werewolves are where it’s at.

    However I do kinda like the cover of “Cry Little Sister.” A surprise considering how much I love the original.

  2. Tim Byrd says:

    Well, “like” is a strong word. I started watching the movie expecting to stop ten or fifteen minutes in, but managed to reach the ending. It definitely benefited from my low expectations.

    And yeah, werewolves are way better than vampires.

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