This Friday at 9 pm, we get the debut of the new show Wonderfalls on Fox. This is what Matt Roush at TV Guide has to say about it:

check out Jaye of Niagara Falls, the snarky slacker heroine of Fox’s Wonderfalls (Fridays, 9 pm/ET), a delightful comedy-fantasy series about a young woman with too much education (a philosophy degree) and too little ambition (a job in a souvenir shop). Played with sarcastic bite by Caroline Dhavernas, Jaye learns to “Surrender to Destiny” — the watchword of a local mystical legend — when inanimate objects like wax lions, brass monkeys and stuffed bears begin talking to her, urging her to help others and ultimately herself. She fears she’s crazy. I think she’s great. Ironic and romantic, Wonderfalls is a true original. Surrender to its charms.

Sounds promising, huh? Add to that the fact its Executive Producer is none other than Tim Minear, right hand man to Joss Whedon, steady worker on Buffy, writer of the absolute best Angel eps ever, and co-God on Firefly, and it sounds really promising.

Give it a watch. Hey, if it’s all that, you’ll either be with it from the start, or you’ll have the chance to enjoy its wonders till Fox cancels it out of the dumb-fuckedness of its executive head (see also: Firefly).

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