The “Right” to Know…

It’s interesting that the investigation of matters related to 9/11 has become such a partisan issue in Washington. First, the Bush White House stone-walled for months, refusing to cooperate with the investigative panel (which should raise eyebrows even among the Australopitheci of the right), then they wanted to shut down the commission soon, well before the election, then grudgingly they allowed that a bit more time could be allowed…tossing the ball into Dennis Hastert’s hands to continue the game of keep-away in Congress. So Hastert plants his feet that the commission must stop its investigation with no extension to deadline…

Remember that the extension is needed primarily because of the stone-walling of the Bushies in the first place…

And finally Hastert has to grudgingly go along with an extension, because, hey, go figure, the public actually seems to agree with the Democrats and want an actual investigation into what happened on 9/11 and exactly who screwed up beforehand.

You’d almost think Bush doesn’t want people to know about something, wouldn’t you?

And that’d be so unlike him.

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