Damn Them Gay People!

Should gay folks be able to get married?

Sure. Why not? They certainly can’t mess it up any worse than straight folks have.

If the only reasoning someone can offer me that they shouldn’t have this right is based on The Bible and/or a personal gag reflex, I can’t give their argument much credit.

On the other hand, I think that gays are dumb-asses for having the battle now, when Bush and the religious right will be able to maximize the effect the issue will have in the next election. Believe me, Karl Rove is freakin’ elated that San Francisco is doing this mass wedding stuff. It’s scaring the rubes, making ’em worry about looking West lest they turn to pillars of salt, and it will get them out in force to vote against whichever Democrat faces Bush in November.

It’s another Nader-esque thing. Ralph Nader is a smart man, and most of what he says is at least close to correct. He wants to be a force against corporate corruption, and gods know we need some more forces like that. So what does he do? He helps derail Gore and hands the freaking country to the corporate interests (not to mention anti-civil rights and pro-religious fascism interests) in a shiny gilt gift bag.

So some gays get to publicly show their commitment, even though it’s gonna be legally moot because the system’s not changing, and their marriages won’t be recognized. HURRAY!

Karl Rove strokes his little kitty, chuckling his evil laugh, and sees that though things aren’t going well for his boy overall at the moment, they’re starting to look up, oh yes indeed…

Then he falls asleep and dreams about that time he fellated Dick Chaney in the Oval Office…

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