The O.C., Navi Rawat, and Bone-Saws

I’ve recommended The OC to some of you, and after last night’s episode, well, I’m forced to admit, I need to recommend it again. The series is a sheer delight, a rich folks/po’ folks California soap opera, a genre I roundly despise, and yet, I love this show. It is smart and funny and almost constantly enjoyable. I rarely finish watching an episode without a grin, even if the episode has been a traumatizing one for its characters. There is a lightness of spirit and depth of wit in this show I don’t really think any other show approaches. The only thing in memory that immediately springs to mind is Northern Exposure, though this isn’t magical realist like that was.

Last night, Ryan, the tortured young tough, ran into his old flame, Theresa, from back in the ‘hood. She’s been on once before, and she’s lovely, smart, and witty, as she should be. What I didn’t realize as I watched it was, she’s played by Navi Rawat, who gave a blistering performance as Dana in the Angel episode “Damage” a few weeks back. Dana being the possibly demon-possessed, super-strong chick with a bone-saw making her way through the L.A. night to a momentous encounter with Spike & Angel. Ever since, I’ve been saying Joss Whedon should spin Dana off into her own show; the lass was that damn good.


An actress to watch.

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