Steve Antczak is an old friend of mine, and a fellow member of the struggling writer club. Together we wrote an adventure screenplay called “Blood of Eden,” which came under consideration to become the next Die Hard flick a couple years back, and actually got us a bit of buzz in the trades. For what that was worth.

While I was working on getting Greensleeves filmed, Steve was also getting into independent film, and where my project went south when a principal actress moved to Texas on us without filming some key scenes (and leaving us with 85% of a good movie), Steve wrote a short film that got made and brought in its wake funding to expand the short into a feature. The movie is No Witness, it’s been shot, and will be in limited release here in Atlanta in April, to be followed by a DVD release.

I haven’t seen the flick yet, but I know the basic idea behind it, and it’s very cool. And hey, Corey Feldman!

You can get more info about it, and about the premiere, here.

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