Last season, Angel nearly lost the “un” part of his “undead,” at least regarding the life of the series bearing his name. An enormous fan campaign saved it from cancellation, and this season has shaped up to be a very strong, innovative one (not that the previous seasons blew, because they were mostly very good, but there have been consistency problems). Apparently people are noticing. A fan on the boards at Ain’t It Cool posted:

My local affiliate announced (on their news segment after last week’s episode) that Angel is the WB’s second highest rated program. Isn’t that something? To go from the verge of cancellation at the end of last season to the WB’s second most popular show. Seriously, it needs to be renewed.

This reinforces other references I’ve seen to the show doing well this season, so hopefully we’ll get to watch Angel brood and stomp evil a few more years.

Now, if only Joss’ll get someone to let him spin Dana from a few episodes back into her own show…

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