More Kudos For Doc Wilde and The Frogs of Doom!!!

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As blogged yesterday, I’ve been on a net vacation of sorts driven by my fine Celtic melancholy (that’s a poetic way of saying my shifty brain chemistry and the crap I went through in my formative years). During that time, there were a few stars sparkling out of the blackness, one of the main ones being the continued excellent critical response to my novel, Doc Wilde and The Frogs of Doom.

I have a short backlog of reviews I haven’t blogged about yet, but I don’t want to toss them all out at once because that might be tedious for folks reading. So I’m going to parcel them out over a week or so.

Today’s comes from, and is by writer Janie Franz (author of Freelance Writing: It’s a Business, Stupid!).

Move over, Doc Savage. Get out of the way, Indiana Jones. Make room, Artemis Fowl. There’s a new adventure hero / family in town!…I was thoroughly excited by Doc Wilde and the Frogs of DoomNot only was there non-stop adventure but there were interesting characters…I can’t wait for more adventures from Doc Wilde and his intrepid family.

She also reinforces other folks who have pointed out that the book isn’t just for boys…

Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom is a great read for kids. Though some of the blurbs on the back of the book tout this as an adventure novel for boys, its appeal is certainly not restricted to them. Wren is definitely a very clever and capable little girl and just as courageous as her brother, Brian. This story will most certainly appeal to girls who are as enamored of narrow escapes, crazy gadgets, and unusual creatures.

At this point, I’ve had the opportunity to hear from several young readers (and even more grown-up readers) who loved the book, and I’ve actually heard from more girls than boys (a fact with no actual statistical bearing, I’m sure, but the girls who read it dig it as much as the boys).

I’ve quoted only part of the review, as usual. The whole thing is at this link.

I’ve Been Scarce

I’m back.

I’ve sort of been away, in that I was just completely unmotivated to get online the past couple of weeks except for an occasional cursory glance at email, and as a result I am way behind on catching up with people.

Partly, this resulted from my state of mind upon returning from a three day backpacking trip with my son in the Cohutta Wilderness. After my too-long-delayed return to the wild, I found the virtual spheres really uninviting.

But also, the old biorhythms just went splat and I wasn’t much motivated to do anything. Email, Facebook, blogging, promo work for the novel, work on the next one, time-critical paperwork for the divorce, everything pretty much fell to the wayside. I had no cranial fortitude, no mojo, to get back on the horse and get to the things that called my name.

This happens when you suffer from chronic depression. Fortunately it hasn’t been happening as often, now that I’ve returned to therapy and resumed my meds (I tried a year without them, and it didn’t turn out that well). But it does still happen.

It wasn’t a total loss. I’m well rested. Too well, actually. I took my son to see Up, and it was wonderful, full of whimsy and fine melancholy and some great pulp tropes (lost worlds, airships, strange critters). Not to mention some very entertaining dogs.

I finally got around to watching Dexter, which is now streamable on Netflix, and quite enjoyed it.

I read a few books, including a Doc Savage, a Shadow, an Avenger, and a Spider, as well as the hellaciously fun Skulduggery Pleasant. I’m now about 90 pages into World War Z, the brilliant zombie novel by Max Brooks (Mel’s son).

And, feeling ready to reconnect. Watch this space.